Rage 2 Cheat Codes

How do you unlock cheats in RAGE 2? What cheats are in RAGE 2? In this guide, we aim to tell you all that we know about RAGE 2's cheat codes and how you can get your hands on them.

But first, please note that activating gameplay cheats in RAGE 2 permanently disables Trophies on your current save file. If you want to check cheats out but still want to earn Trophies, be sure to make a new save.

How to unlock cheats in RAGE 2

Actually unlocking cheats in RAGE 2 is the most difficult part, because you need to find a specific character out in the game's world. This character is called Mangoo the Unborn, also known as the Wasteland Wizard.

The thing is, Mangoo doesn't seem to spawn or stay in one place, at least in our experience. He also doesn't have a map marker unless you get close to him. If he's near, he should be indicated by a kind of tent or hut icon on your compass.

Fortunately, his home is reasonably easy to spot, even from a distance. It's essentially a little stall with hot air balloons attached to the top of it with ropes. It also has a few propellers on its sides.

Note: If you pre-ordered RAGE 2, you should already have some cheats available to you through the 'cheats' section in the settings menu, which you can access at any time through the pause screen.

RAGE 2 cheat list

Once you've found Mangoo, talk to him and this should open up a cheat menu. Here, you can buy cheats with your in-game money. The prices range from $1000 to $2000.

Here's a list of all the cheats that we've found and what they do:

  • Diamond Geezer - Unlocks cockney actor Danny Dyer as a gameplay narrator (does not disable Trophies)
  • He's on Fire - Unlocks sports commentator Tim Kitzrow as a gameplay narrator (does not disable Trophies)
  • Son of Thor - Electrifies your character, shocking enemies that get close (disables Trophies)
  • Klegg Support - Summons Klegg Clayton to help you out in combat (disables Trophies)
  • Git Gud - Lets you kill all enemies in one hit (disables Trophies)
  • Progress Booster - Doubles all Feltrite that you collect over the next four hours of game time (disables Trophies)
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat - Using your vehicle eject makes your car fly into the air instead of your character (disables Trophies)
  • Red Barrel Rain - Makes explosive red barrels drop from the sky (disables Trophies)
  • Super Overdrive - Makes your overdrive more powerful (disables Trophies)
  • Super Wingstick - Gives you unlimited wingsticks that fly back to you (disables Trophies)
  • Super Phoenix - Makes your Phoenix more powerful (disables Trophies)

How to enable cheats in RAGE 2

Enabling cheats in RAGE 2 is thankfully a lot easier than finding Mangoo. Once you've bought the cheats you want, pause the game and go to 'settings' and then 'cheats'. From here you can enable and disable the cheats that you own whenever you like.

Again, though, be warned: enabling most cheats permanently disables Trophies on your current save file.