Update (29th May 2019): The Death Stranding livestream is gradually becoming clearer. Initially, the trademark hand prints would appear and disappear seemingly at random, but they're now sticking around. It looks as though more hand prints will slowly piece the picture together as we draw closer to the big reveal later today.

Original Story: Death Stranding will receive a new trailer on 29th May, and creator Hideo Kojima is up to his usual tricks. We’ve already had two cryptic teasers, and now PlayStation has added to the enthusiasm with a mysterious livestream. So far, it appears to be a looping video of the PlayStation 4 exclusive’s infamous hand prints – although there are reports of a lady’s voice, too.

Exactly how this stream will evolve remains to be seen, but knowing Kojima, he’ll have a few surprises in store before the new trailer goes live tomorrow. If you can’t wait that long, then may we recommend re-watching all of Death Stranding’s trailers thus far to get you in the mood. Tomorrow is in your hands, apparently.

[source twitch.tv]