DayZ has just sort of been dropped on the PlayStation Store all of a sudden, priced at £39.99/$49.99. It's a high price for a game that was all the rage about half a decade ago, so what can developer Bohemia Interactive do to convince you this is a survival experience still worth playing?

For a start, here are four minutes of footage that details what the game is all about. You and 60 other players spawn on the island of Chernarus with the simple objective of surviving. You'll scavenge for supplies, food, drink, and weapons, all while trying to avoid the infected zombies that inhabit the playing field. Should you come across another player though, you'll need to make a decision. Do you try and come to an agreement and avoid conflict, or do you sneak up on them and steal everything they hold dear?

DayZ may be very old, but there's still clearly something to it. Will you be trying to live off the land? Hunt down some beans and rice in the comments below.