Child Of Light

While never officially announced, a sequel to Ubisoft's Child of Light has been hinted at a couple of times. However, according to an interview with the original game's director, if it is in development, he isn't working on it.

Speaking with Videogame Chronicle, director Patrick Plourde said that the game isn't in development at Ubisoft to his knowledge. “I don’t know if there’s a Child of Light 2 that is in production, Ubisoft is big, but I’m not working on it...Right now, I don’t think there’s a Child of Light 2 being produced… I’m not holding my breath."

He states that the reason for that could be because it wouldn't be produced as a game as a service. "I don’t think it’s the type of game that Ubisoft wants to make…And the other things, in terms of portfolio, it’s still supported – we ported it on Switch and we’re still selling a bunch of copies, but it’s just that right now it’s all about games as a service. We can make money out of it, but you can make more money elsewhere. That’s the problem of not being independent while making this.”

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