Wow, there's a lot of Borderlands 3 gameplay doing the rounds following the game's official gameplay reveal livestream. Above, you can find the first on-stage sequence from the aforementioned reveal, and below, we've embedded a bunch of other videos that show a range of different things.

This bottom line is that this is still very much Borderlands (what did you expect?) but it's bigger and quite a bit prettier. It's got mental enemies, it's got lovely loot, it's got both new and returning characters, and it's got some cool quality of life changes.

There are still some headline features, though. For starters, Borderlands 3 doesn't take place on just one planet -- you'll get to visit several over the course of the game, which, by the way, Gearbox says is bigger than any previous Borderlands project. Oh, and to get to these distant planets, you'll need a spaceship, and so the aptly named Sanctuary III will act as your hub between missions. Pretty neat.

Gearbox says that we'll be seeing much more of Borderlands 3 over the coming months, before its launch on the 13th September. It'll be at E3 as well as Gamescom and a few other events.

How do you think it looks? Get looting in the comments section below.