Bloodstained Ritual of the Night PS4 PlayStation 4 1 DLC

Remember when ANTHEM was supposed to be the next big service game, and then BioWare fell off the face of the planet? Yeah, us neither. The good news is that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is right around the corner, and waiting to fill the third-person shooter's place. Wait, what?

Obviously, the Koji Igarashi-helmed Castlevania clone is still very much a single player adventure game primarily, but publisher 505 Games has revealed a rather extensive post-release roadmap for the Kickstarter hit. It all begins on launch day, with the addition of Speedrun and Boss Rush modes, as well as the Pure Miriam outfit; all of these will be completely free.

Further freebies will be added at a later date, including Boss Revenge mode, Roguelike mode, Classic mode, Chaos mode, two additional playable characters, co-op, and versus play. The latter two multiplayer modes will be playable both locally and online.

This is already a substantial slate, but those who stump up $9.99 will grab the aptly named Iga's Back Pack, which will be available from 18th June and will allow you to take on the long-haired auteur himself. Beat him and you'll get the Swordwhip weapon as a reward. This has caused some upset in the Kickstarter community, as these items were originally pitched as backer exclusives, but apparently 505 Games conducted a survey about this very matter and determined that most supporters were "okay with it".

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