This is pretty interesting. Nolan North, most famous for playing Nathan Drake in the PlayStation exclusive Uncharted series, has said before that he doesn't really play the games once they come out. However, last year, he and fellow voice actor Troy Baker began a YouTube channel named Retro Replay, a let's play channel where the duo typically play old school titles. Today, North and Baker have kicked off a full play through of the first game in Naughty Dog's series, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

It's a fun watch, as we get a running commentary from the main man as he reminisces about shooting the motion capture. There are other tidbits in here too, such as Amy Hennig writing the story as they were filming scenes, playing off of the performance of North and the other actors. It's also pretty crazy to think that this is the first time North has seen some of the game in full. He's not very good at playing, but it's still worth a quick watch.

What do you think of this? Will you be tuning in to watch Nolan North play the first Uncharted game? Point and shoot in the comments below.