Rabbids Ubisoft For Honor 2

This has to be up there with the very best in-game April Fools events ever. Ubisoft's legion of Rabbids has invaded For Honor for a 24 hour event that sees them take the fight to the standard knights, samurai, and viking classes. Check them out in action in the tweet below.

Just look at them all! Kitted out with their shields, helmets, and toilet brushes for deadly blows to the head. The event is available to play right now in-game, and will run through until 1st April 9pm PDT/2nd April 5am BST. Participating in the event will award all players with a melee pack. "This event comes as a part of For Honor's Year 3 content, called Year of the Harbinger, which also recently saw the addition of The Black Prior to its roster of more than 20 Knights, Samurai, Vikings, and Wu-Lin. New content will continue to roll out throughout 2019, including additional seasonal events."

Will you be jumping into For Honor today in order to fight the Rabbids? Scrub the toilet in the comments below.

[source news.ubisoft.com]