Final Fantasy Vii Remake E3 2019

How many years have we been waiting on Final Fantasy VII Remake now? Too many is the only correct answer to that question, but could we finally get some new information in the coming months? Maybe at E3 2019? Well, anything's possible, and there's some speculation doing the rounds right now that says it's happening.

All of these whispers stem from the fact that Square Enix has announced an official Final Fantasy VII concert, which is set to take place just days before E3 begins, on the 9th June. Whats more, it's going to be happening at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles -- same city, innit.

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Now look, we can see where the rumours are coming from. A Final Fantasy VII concert just before E3 kicks off? Square Enix said that it was going to turn its attention to its other projects (that's Final Fantasy VII Remake) after the release of Kingdom Hearts III, didn't it? The signs are there, but given the history of this remake, and indeed, Square Enix's history of being inexplicably out of touch, we're not entirely convinced.

Still, we'll be keeping an eye on all this. That Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer still gives us shivers, after all.