The Sinking City may have been delayed by a couple of months to the end of June, but that hasn't put a stop to any potential it has. Developer Frogwares has just shared 12 minutes of gameplay with the world which takes us through the investigative portion of a case, as well as interviews with witnesses and suspects. It's shaping up very well, and you can check it out above.

Alongside that, pre-orders for the game are now live on the PlayStation Store. The standard edition comes in at the usual £49.99. but for an extra £10 you'll bag yourself the Necronomicon Edition. This version grants you 48 hours early access to the game, along with The Worshippers of the Necronomicon DLC pack which contains an extra three side quests. For a bit of further value, the Investigator Pack grants you access to the Private Investigator outfit, First Aid Kits, Antipsychotics and a crafting materials starter pack.


Pre-orders of either the standard or the full £59.99 package will give you access to a free copy of Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter, the Chicago Organ Grinder DLC, 1 extra skill point, and a PS4 dynamic theme. Will you be taking the Oakmont this summer? Investigate in the comments below.

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