Borderlands 3 Boxart

Phew, Borderlands has come back with a bit of a bang recently, hasn't it? With the official announcement of Borderlands 3 after what feels like a lifetime of waiting, everyone seems to have gone mad for Gearbox's lootin' shootin' adventures. Even the original Borderlands has resurfaced as a PlayStation 4 remaster, which, out of context, seems crazy.

But with so much excitement surrounding the brand right now, we need to know: are you a big Borderlands fan? Have you played through the series before, or are you only just getting into it now that Borderlands 3 is on the horizon? How excited are you for the third main instalment? Vote in our polls, and then feed us some honest opinions in the comments section below.

Are you a fan of Borderlands?
What's your favourite Borderlands game?
Are you hyped for Borderlands 3?