PSn Name Banned

If you haven't already heard, you can now change your PlayStation Network ID, which is great, but the good news doesn't end there. Indeed, the new functionality has allowed Sony make changes to its policy on usernames that are flagged as offensive or inappropriate. Previously, if your PSN ID was found to be breaking the rules, your account would be banned, and that would be that. Now, it looks like Sony will simply issue a temporary, replacement name until you choose something else.

The official PlayStation support page mentions temporary names along the lines of 'Tempxxx'. If you log in one day and your PSN ID has been changed to some form of 'Temp', then it's because your ID was deemed to be breaching terms of service. It seems as though you can either appeal to have your ID changed back, or make a fresh one using the new name change functionality.

This immediately sounds like a fairer solution to us, but don't forget to offer silent prayer to all those people who have been banned over the years in the comments section below.