Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain How Many Missions Are There Guide

How many missions are there in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain? The EDF games are well known for the silly amount of levels their campaigns feature, and amongst the fanbase, it's always a question that's worth answering at the launch of a nerw entry. Here's how many missions you'll find in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain.

How Many Missions Are There in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain?

In total, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain's campaign has 52 missions. This makes it one of the shortest single player stories of the series so far. Those 52 levels are:

Level Name Level Name
1 Assignment: Blast Team 27 An Ominous Sign
2 Sleeping Disaster 28 Back to "Normal"
3 The Earth Reshapen 29 Return to the Caves
4 "Routine Work" 30 The Cost of Experimentation
5 Steel Flowers on the Coast 31 Tank Concerto
6 Quake Team: M.I.A. 32 Standoff at the Base
7 Desert Defense Line 33 Dual Battle
8 Shadow of Doom 34 Desperate Stand
9 Kindred Rebellion Sighted 35 Rebellion Counterstrike
10 Harvesting Fear 36 City of Giants
11 Hyenas 37 Towers of Doom
12 Warning: Gargant 38 Off the Record
13 Battle at the Badlands 39 One Night's Resolve
14 Glowing Pincers 40 A Common Goal
15 Scavening the Sewers 41 Cave Complex, Revisted
16 Rescue Mission 42 Battle in the Snow
17 Swarm in the Dunes 43 An Iron Army
18 The Hivecraft Returns 44 The Flagship Verbena
19 Remnants Amongst the Ruins 45 Smoke Signal
20 A Giant Appears 46 Battle in the Sky
21 The Nightmare Continues 47 All Hail the Queen
22 Danger on All Sides 48 Exterminate
23 A Mysterious Pillar 49 Showdown at the Badlands
24 Silver Army 50 Gathering at the High-Rise Area
25 Triple Threat 51 Operation: Iron Rain
26 Pillar Raid 52 The Earth Ablaze

Which mission have you made it to in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain so far? Exterminate some bugs in the comments below.