Days Gone How to Knock Down 12 Anarchist Cairns Guide 1

How do you knock down 12 anarchist cairns in Days Gone? One of the collectible types in Days Gone will see you knocking down 12 anarchist cairns, which are represented in the open world as small bundles of stones. To knock them down, you must simply push the square button to trigger an animation. Kicking them all down unlocks the Trophy ‘Go Kick Rocks’.

How to Knock Down 12 Anarchist Cairns in Days Gone

In order to knock down 12 anarchist cairns in Days Gone, you must find them first. Below we’ve included 12 anarchist cairn locations, but please note that there are many more in the game. Once you’ve destroyed 12, you’ll unlock the ‘Go Kick Rocks’ Trophy for your troubles.

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Anarchist Cairn Region Notes
1 Belknap At the bottom of the lake, north of Tucker's camp.
2 Belknap At the top of a cliff next to the road, west of Tucker's camp.
3 Belknap Directly south of Tucker's camp, under a bridge as the road crosses a river.
4 Belknap Climb the mountain directly west of Copeland's camp, and south of a petrol station.
5 Lost Lake West of the petrol station which is north-east of Iron Mike's camp, climb the cliff overlooking the gas station.
6 Lost Lake Near to the river, directly east of Iron Mike's camp.

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