Furi is secretly one of PS4's best indie titles. It was on PS Plus back in 2016, and we really liked the mash up of bullet hell and hack and slash in its various boss fights. Having said that, it's hard as nails, which can be off-putting for some players.

Luckily, today sees the arrival of the Freedom update. This free update to the game introduces a couple of ways to make the experience easier or more enjoyable for those that want it. Most notably, Invincible Mode offers a handful of measures to decrease difficulty, such as the ability to skip parts of boss fights, weaken bosses, and yes, make yourself invulnerable. These options can also be used in practice mode if you want to get to grips with a particular boss or part of its fight.

A new control scheme has also been introduced, which should make it easier to dodge or parry while you're attacking. Additionally, players can now speedrun the game in Furier difficulty, if you're into that.

The Freedom update is available to download on PS4 now. Did you struggle with Furi? Will you be making use of these changes to finally finish the game? Watch those bullet patterns in the comments below.

[source thegamebakers.com]