Borderlands Handsome Ultra Hd Texture Pack

Avid Borderlands fans can head on over to the PlayStation Store and claim their free Ultra HD Texture Pack for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, if they wish. You'll find the pack under 'add-ons' on the game's store page, or you can just search for it. To install it, you'll need the title's latest patch downloaded -- but don't worry, it's only a small one.

Ain't nothing small about the texture pack, though. It weighs in at a reasonably hefty 16GB on Sony's system. It is a bundle of super high-res visual assets, after all.

Will you be jumping back into Borderlands any time soon? Maybe you've only just picked up The Handsome Collection, or Borderlands: Game of the Year? Hoover up some loot in the comments section below.