Announced in the tail end of 2018, Xenon Racer is a futuristic arcade racer speeding its way to PlayStation 4. It's almost here, too -- the game will cross the finish line on 26th March, a couple of weeks from now. We've embedded a trailer to get you up to speed on what the game is all about, as it's looking pretty good.

Essentially, it's a high speed, drifty arcade racing game, the kind we see all too rarely these days. According to Francesco Bruschi, CEO of developer, the game takes inspiration from his real world experience as a kart racing driver. "We’ve spent a lot of time playing the classic arcade racers of the past 20 years and we’ve integrated their best qualities into Xenon Racer," he writes on the PlayStation Blog. "We’ve also tried to take the physics of the karts I used to drive into the real cars in the game, by creating fast, futuristic cars that run at 400 km/h and that can drift just like a go kart."

The game will feature online and offline multiplayer, customisable cars, and leaderboards. There's plenty of room on PS4 for a decent arcade racer, so we hope Xenon Racer can step in to fill the space. What do you think of it? Will you be taking it for a spin later this month? Drive sideways into the comments below.