Shantae 5 PS4 PlayStation 4

Fans of the hair-whipping half-genie Shantae have been pretty well served this generation. On PlayStation 4, you can play Risky's Revenge, Pirate's Curse, and Half-Genie Hero, which means you have easy access to almost every game. Following on from the latter, it seems WayForward is ready to move onto the next action platformer in the series, and it'll be joining the rest on PS4.

Over on Twitter, the studio has announced Shantae 5, and it'll be making its way to Sony's console in 2019. There aren't any other details right now, but we can only assume it will build on the last game's sharper presentation and give us another solid and slightly silly platforming adventure. Hopefully we'll see a bit more soon.

Are you excited about Shantae 5? What do you want to see WayForward do with this new entry? Make a wish in the comments below.