What’s the April 2019 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when will the April 2019 PS Plus lineup be revealed? We now know that the immediate future of the PS+ service involves two PlayStation 4 games per month, but if they’re as good as March 2019’s offering, then we doubt there’ll be too many complaints. Oh, who are we kidding – this is the Internet, there’ll still be plenty of moaning. Nevertheless, let’s dive into all the rumours and speculation surrounding Apr 2019’s update.

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When will April 2019’s free PS Plus games be announced?

It's a good question, because ordinarily we'd expect April 2019's free PlayStation Plus games to be announced on Wednesday, 27th March. However, it's possible that Sony brings the reveal forward and confirms the lineup during its State of Play stream on Monday, 25th March. You can find out more about that through here.

When will April 2019’s free PlayStation Plus games be available to download?

As always, April 2019's free PS Plus games will be available to download from the first Tuesday in the month, which is 2nd April.

What are April 2019’s free PS Plus games?

We know that PlayStation Plus will focus on two PS4 games per month from now on, so the pressure is on Sony to select the right ones. It kicked off this new era for the service positively in March 2019, by focusing on two very high quality titles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness. Will it be able to maintain that level of quality? We’d like to hope so. It’s difficult to make a prediction for April 2019 with so many variables to consider, but something like Mortal Kombat X would be a great primer for the upcoming sequel, wouldn’t it?

What free April 2019 PlayStation Plus games do you want?

With so few rumours and speculation to go on, we’re turning our attention to you: which free games would you like as part of April 2019’s free PS Plus update? Would you like some bonus PlayStation VR content seeing as we’re now nearing Easter? Let us know.

Which free April 2019 PS Plus games do you want? Are you holding out hope for any title in particular? Are you comfortable with this new era for PlayStation Plus which focuses solely on the PS4? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.