According to Wikipedia, crossminton is a globally recognised sport that blends elements of tennis, badminton, and squash. Never heard of it? No, us neither – but it appears to be a racquet-based game without a net, where you need to successfully smash a shuttlecock into an opposing player’s quadrant. And now it’s getting an officially licensed game as a PlayStation exclusive.

Developed in Spain by Daydream Software as part of the prolific PlayStation Talents initiative, eCrossminton has been created with input from the International Crossminton Organisation. In addition to doubles and singles modes, the release will include “more than 20 available professional players”, so you can finally play as that crossminton superstar you’ve never heard of.

There’ll be online and split-screen multiplayer available at launch, as well as a slew of arcade minigames for you to attempt. It’s due out on 3rd April, and will set you back €14.99 in Europe. Hands up, then: how many of you had heard of crossminton prior to the publication of this article? Be honest in the comments section below.