Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace

Devil May Cry 5's been out for a few days now, so naturally, people have started trawling through the game's files on PC. As it turns out, there are apparently a bunch of references to the game's Bloody Palace mode, which is due out soon as a free update. That in itself isn't so surprising, but supposedly, the code hints at a couple of potential features that could really set the additional mode apart.

For starters, Bloody Palace may allow for full matchmade multiplayer. Devil May Cry 5 already has missions where you can be paired with other players if you're online, so this seems totally feasible. A co-op run of Bloody Palace? Sign us up.

The code points to one other thing, but it's a bit of a spoiler. As such, we're going to warn you now: if you haven't finished Devil May Cry 5, don't read the next paragraph.

Final warning, spoilers ahead!

As some have already predicted, it looks like Vergil could be lined up as another playable character -- at least in Bloody Palace mode. Those of you who have beaten Devil May Cry 5 will know that he appears to have a rather robust moveset -- the kind of moveset that really makes you wonder whether he's in some kind of playable state behind closed doors at Capcom HQ. Again, it seems like a very reasonable assumption.

So yeah, we'll know if there's any truth to all of this once the Bloody Palace update lands in the near future. If you're up for some demon slaying fun, be sure to show your style in the comments section below.