Well, that didn't take long. Following last week's story that acclaimed retro platformer The Messenger had been rated by PEGI for PlayStation 4, developer Sabotage has now officially confirmed it's coming to Sony's platform.

The game blends together 8-bit and 16-bit styles as you guide your ninja protagonist through an interconnected map full of tricky platforming and various enemies and bosses to defeat. It's a surprisingly lengthy and challenging experience that'll be well worth a look when it comes to PS4 on 19th March.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, the developer also highlights that some free DLC will be coming to The Messenger later in the year. "This summer, the story of The Messenger will take an unexpected turn with the release of a free expansion entitled Picnic Panic. This resolutely silly adventure will test your skills even more as our ninja heads to Voodkin Island in order to thwart Barma’thazël’s wicked plan."

Are you looking forward to trying The Messenger on PS4 next week? Look for a Power Seal in the comments below.

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