When a game is billed as a "mutant soap opera," it's going to catch our attention. From the developer behind Sportsfriends, obscure adventure game Mutazione looks wonderfully unusual. Give the teaser trailer a watch above.

Another small title announced over on the PlayStation Blog, the game is apparently inspired by "the ensemble cast format of storytelling in favourite television shows such as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Twin Peaks, Grey’s Anatomy, or Bojack Horseman." It puts you in the shoes of Kai, a girl who visits a mutant community called Mutazione to help her sick grandfather. What unfolds over a week in this strange place is a story full of character drama and mystery. "As you nurse your grandfather back to health, you make new friends, discover old betrayals, unravel long-kept secrets, and try to save everyone from a mysterious darkness at the heart of it all."

As a pitch, it's certainly odd, but we definitely like the sound of it. An narrative-focused adventure game like this could be very interesting -- we're already keen to learn more about how Kai's journey will unfold. What do you think of Mutazione? Will you be giving it a look when it arrives later this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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