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Life Is Strange 2 is a bit of an odd one, isn't it? It's episodic like its the first game, but unlike its predecessor, the gaps between each episode are gigantic. The first chapter released in September 2018, and it was four months later when we eventually got Episode 2. Unfortunately, that trend is set to continue throughout the rest of the year.

Square Enix has just announced release dates for the remaining three episodes, and you'll need the patience of a saint:

Episode 3, named Wastelands, is due for release on 9th May, which isn't too far away, but it's then more than three months wait until Episode 4 on 22nd August, and then the finale launches on 3rd December -- well over a year after the first chapter came out.

As an episodic game, DONTNOD is free to release chapters whenever it likes, but we feel like the studio is asking a lot from fans in this case. The gaps feel too big; it gives players too much time to get invested in other things. Don't get us wrong, we've been enjoying Life Is Strange 2, but perhaps the scale of the project is too great for an episodic schedule.

Anyway, are you looking forward to the rest of Life Is Strange 2? Will you be eagerly awaiting Episode 5 in December, or is this all taking too long?