Tales Of Vesperia Ps4 Patch

Bandai Namco has detailed an incoming update for Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition on PS4. There's nothing all that exciting here, but it's nice to see the team set out to squash some pesky bugs, especially since the game's now a couple of months old.

Here are the patch notes:

  • Fixed a rare issue in which the game would freeze during gameplay.
  • Adjusted the height of certain enemies both in the overworld map and in battle.
  • Fixed the display lag that would occur in Mantaic.
  • Adjusted the behavior of stick controls during battle.
  • Fixed an issue in which Flynn's voice would play in Japanese when changing his strategy to "Up To You" during battle, even when voiceover settings had been set to English.
  • Improved stability of other behaviors.

You can find the full breakdown by clicking through here. The update's due out on the 7th March.

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[source en.bandainamcoent.eu, via d1vtv52f4vjbmu.cloudfront.net]