Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How to Unlock Guardian Ape Immortality Severed Trophy PS4 PlayStation 4 Guide

So, you've fought and defeated the Guardian Ape in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on PlayStation 4. Great! But, hang on -- there's a trophy related to the boss that hasn't popped. What gives? Well, it turns out that beating the beast in Sunken Valley wasn't quite enough to truly finish him off.

In this guide, we'll explain how to unlock the 'Guardian Ape Immortality Severed' PS4 trophy.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - How to get the Guardian Ape Immortality Severed trophy

Odds are you're at a point in the game where you have this already, but first thing's first -- you'll need to have found the Mortal Blade in the Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo area of Sekiro before you can go for this trophy.

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After you've defeated the Guardian Ape in Sunken Valley, you can find a boss fight against him again (now called Headless Ape) in another area. You need to go to the Ashina Depths and defeat the mini boss Snake Eyes Shirahagi. Continue along the path and you'll find the headless Guardian Ape again.

His attacks here are the same as in the second phase of his original fight. After the first Death Blow has been dealt, he'll summon a second ape to fight alongside him. The best way to deal with this is using the Shinobi Firecrackers to stun the second ape and damage its posture a lot. It's tricky to take down this extra ape because the Headless Ape will still be attacking you, but luckily, the second ape is slow to attack and its health goes down quickly. Once he's dead, return to your earlier tactics for the Guardian Ape himself. Keep in mind the Terror roar attack, as that can quickly and easily catch you off-guard. Make sure you bring some Pacifying Agent to prevent damage from it.

After you defeat the Headless Ape, you'll get the Headless Ape Memory, two Prayer Beads, and 5,000 XP. However, you're not quite done yet. Approach the corpse of the Headless Ape to perform a Death Blow on it again, this time using the Mortal Blade. This will finally kill it, and you'll unlock the Guardian Ape Immortality Severed PS4 trophy. You'll also get the Bestowal Ninjutsu.