Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How to Save Money from Being Lost When You Die Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an extremely tough game. There's no way of sugarcoating this: you're going to die a lot as you play this title, and it doesn't hold back on penalising you for it either. When you actually die in Sekiro and respawn at a Sculptor's Idol, you'll usually lose half of your money (sen) and half of the XP towards your next Skill Point. Harsh.

However, there are a couple of ways you can save your sen from going down the drain. One of them is outside your control, but the other is definitely something you should be doing in order to minimise losses.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - How to keep your money when you die

Below, we'll explain how to best keep hold of your cash after you fall in battle in Sekiro.

Buy Coin Purses

Various merchants throughout the game will sell some useful items, but you'll also spot Light and Heavy Coin Purses for sale. This sounds a bit backwards, right? Why would you spend money on money? Well, here's the thing: the sen in Coin Purse items can't be lost when you die. The money you loot from corpses is what gets halved -- Coin Purses aren't affected at all. The smart thing to do is to buy as many Coin Purse items as you can afford to minimise the amount you lose upon death.

Say, for example, you're currently holding 600 sen. If you die, you're likely to lose 300 sen, which is a pretty big cut. However, you could purchase a Heavy Coin Purse from a merchant in the world for 550 sen. This essentially means you've banked 500 sen, and you've paid 50 sen for the privilege. Now, you'll be carrying 50 sen, and death will only claim 25. The idea is to keep your money safe by putting most of it into Coin Purses where it'll remain until you use them. If you come across an item you need a lot of sen for, just use your Coin Purses from the inventory to open them up and put the sen in your current total.

It does cost you to do this, but it's far safer than carrying around a huge amount of sen that runs the risk of being reduced by 50 per cent.

Unseen Aid

Meanwhile, Unseen Aid is something to bear in mind. This is a system in Sekiro that, by default, has a 30 per cent chance of preventing the loss of money and XP when you die. With roughly a one in three chance of keeping your earnings, it's important to keep that percentage up.

It can and will be lowered by Dragonrot, a disease caused by your deaths and respawns as you play Sekiro. The more Rot Essence you carry in your inventory, the lower the chance of Unseen Aid working. You can read about how to get rid of Dragonrot and restore Unseen Aid through the link.