We played FAR: Lone Sails all the way back at EGX Rezzed last year, and came away pretty impressed. If you've never heard of it before, the game is a sidescrolling adventure in which you must pilot a steampunk vehicle across a dried up seabed. Your little character is trying to catch up with an old civilisation, and so you set off in the rickety old machine.

A big part of the gameplay is keeping your vehicle going. You'll need to keep on top of fuel, heat, and more to make sure you continue moving forward and avoid damage. With no threats other than what obstacles lie in the barren landscape ahead, it's an eerily quiet game that reminds us of the brilliant Inside.

Check out the trailer to get the idea. It's a neat little game, and it's not far away from its arrival on PlayStation 4. It'll complete its journey to Sony's console on 2nd April 2019. What do you think of FAR: Lone Sails? Will you be heading out into the big nothing? Release some steam in the comments below.

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