Sekiro Ps4 Review

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice looks really bloody good, based on what we've seen and heard of the game up to this point. Developed by the talented folks over at From Software and published by Activision, we're looking forward to getting our hands on the action title when it launches later this month.

However, it's become clear that Activision isn't planning on providing review copies of the game. Now it's important to note that publishers aren't obligated to give sites like Push Square early access to upcoming titles for review purposes, and this isn't us complaining -- we're just here to inform you lot of the situation.

Like us, VG247 and a number of other sites have been told that review copies won't be distributed before Sekiro's launch, so unless something changes over the next couple of weeks, we won't have a review for you to read before the game is publicly available. Apparently, this also applies content creators, including popular YouTube channels.

Again, From Software has proven to be a reliable developer, crafting a number of excellent games over the last decade or so. With that in mind, we do wonder why the involved parties have decided against providing review copies, and therefore pre-release reviews.