Divinity Original Sin 2 Ps4 Update

Excellent role-playing title Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be getting regular content updates throughout 2019, developer Larian Studios has announced. The team refers to these updates as "gift bags" in the press release, before comically explaining that no, they have nothing to do with loot boxes.

"Not to be mistaken for Loot Boxes (which are hard, ostensibly containing loot), Gift Bags are soft, and contain gifts. Each Gift Bag costs exactly no amount of money to players, and will be patched in periodically to each platform," the press release reads, prompting a chuckle.

The first gift bag is out today on PS4, adding a bunch of fresh faces, hairstyles, and facial features to the character creation system. Cool! The next gift bag will apparently contain "a selection of features and content inspired by our modding community". Cooler!

It's always nice to see good games get supported like this, isn't it? Let us know if you're a Divinity fan in the comments section below.