Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation 4

Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima is notorious for his perfectionism bringing big delays to his games. Many are concerned that PS4 exclusive Death Stranding will fall victim to this as well, but the creator does his best to quell these fears in a new interview with Japanese site J-Wave.

We only have a rough translation to go by, but it sounds like development is still very much in full swing. Kojima says they're not at the stage of making finishing touches yet, even though the game is playable from start to finish. When discussing the release date for the mysterious title, he says that "Many studios lag behind the planned release date," and that development on the game "has been slightly out of the initial plan, but not much delayed." Sounds like it's still a while off yet.

It does sound as though Kojima Productions has a deadline, however. He says that having a deadline allows you to create more efficiently and prioritise, so even though it seems development is falling slightly behind, it's encouraging that some sort of plan is in place.

We may not see Death Stranding for a while, but are you excited for Kojima's latest? Check your throat for babies in the comments below.

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