Devil May Cry 5 Kitchen PS4 PlayStation 4
Image: NeoExogene

You know us here at Push Square Towers: we love a pun. Clearly Capcom does too, if this elaborate marketing stunt for the excellent Devil May Cry 5 is anything to go by. Over the last weekend, the publisher brought a taste of its flamboyant action game to Paris, France with a pop-up restaurant called Devil May Cry 5 Kitchen, and the menu was stuffed with mouthwatering wordplay.

Over on the Devil May Cry subreddit, the user NeoExogene provided a few examples of the meals you could purchase at the DMC themed eatery. Let's go through them, shall we?

  • Devil May Fry: "a platter of onion rings, mozzarella sticks and nuggets"
  • Trish and Chips
  • Red Grave burger
  • Dante’s Inferno: "pepperoni pizza with chilli pepper on it"
  • V-getarian: "a vegetarian pizza"
  • Carbo-Nero Spaghetti
  • The Spardacotta
  • Ebony and Ivory: "an Oreo tiramisu"

We'll have the works, if you please, Capcom.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was only open for a couple of days, but the publisher must be applauded for its efforts. What would you order from the Devil May Cry 5 Kitchen? Reserve a table in the comments below.

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