Soulcalibur Vi Patch

SoulCalibur VI update 1.30 is out today on PlayStation 4, and Bandai Namco is calling it a "major" patch. It includes overall adjustments to the core battle system, as well as character balancing tweaks across the board.

To start with, the reversal edge and guard impact mechanics have had their effectiveness reduced. Pulling these techniques off now uses more guard stamina, meaning that you run a greater risk of having your guard broken. Next, a couple of existing stages have been increased in size, making ring outs less likely. And on top of that, the camera has been tweaked so it won't zoom out too far during some situations.

As for character balancing, all members of the cast have received some form of adjustment. You can read the full patch notes through here.

Are you still playing SoulCalibur VI? Remember not to try and spam guard impact in the comments section below.