Beat Saber PS4 PlayStation 4 PSVR

Beat Saber is one of those games that's conceptually simple yet perfectly executed, and it's a combination that's resulted in widespread popularity among virtual reality players. The number of people with a VR headset is relatively small in the grand scheme of things, so for a VR-only title to secure over one million sales is quite the achievement.

That's exactly what Beat Games has just done, as it confirms in the below tweet:

Indeed, at least on PlayStation, the game has been a constant presence among the most popular PSVR games, so it's no surprise to hear it's doing so well across the board. We imagine the DLC song packs, will only boost Beat Saber further. The first of these is available now, and it brings 10 new electronic tracks to the game for £9.99. Alternatively, individual songs can be bought for £1.69 each.

What do you think of Beat Saber's success? Is this a promising sign for VR in general? Slash some blocks in the comments below.