Battlefield V's battle royale mode, titled Firestorm, is finally making its way to the World War 2 shooter as part of a free update on 25th March. Take a look at what you can expect in the hectic 1 v 64 mode in the trailer above.

As detailed in the leaked tutorial video, Firestorm supports solo, duos, and squad modes for up to 64 players, all of which take place on a map slowly being engulfed by fire. You'll be able to take control of vehicles to cover ground faster, from speedy jeeps on the ground to rare helicopters in the sky. Firestorm is also set to continue the ideas laid by Apex Legends in letting you be revived by teammates, and even take pot shots at the enemy once you're downed.

Is this enough to bring you back to Battlefield V? Survive the enemy onsluaght in the comments below.