One of 2018's best games, virtual reality or not, was Astro Bot Rescue Mission, a fresh, innovative PlayStation VR platformer that's an absolute joy to play from start to finish. So well produced is the game, in fact, that it's seen a crazy number of comparisons to Nintendo's platforming icon. When asked what he thinks about this in a great interview with Game Informer, director Nicolas Doucet says it's "very flattering" to have Astro Bot compared with Mario.

During the publication's latest podcast, he also talks pretty openly about Astro Bot's development, and it's a fascinating discussion. During the lengthy chat, you'll learn that the core team behind the game was just 15 people, many of them new to the industry. He also talks about gameplay gadgets that didn't make the cut, and what virtual reality brings to platformers and games in general.

If you've any interest, it's well worth checking out. Are you a fan of Astro Bot Rescue Mission? Does Doucet say anything here that surprises you? Take a running jump into the comments below.