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Apex Legends has been out for just over a month, and in that time, 50 million players have joined the fight across platforms. Respawn Entertainment has been quick to communicate with the game's many fans, and in its latest Reddit post, the studio has revealed that a live update has been pushed out to all versions of the free-to-play shooter.

This update has made a variety of adjustments relating to balance. A couple of weapons, namely Wingman and Peacekeeper, have been nerfed, and their availability within the map has been reduced. To counter this, energy weapons and ammo have been made more common. The famously low-powered Mozambique shotgun is remaining the way it is, because Respawn says it wants to have a "power curve" to the weapons; basically, common guns will be less powerful, while the stronger gear will be a little harder to find.

The developer also talks about character balance, particularly regarding the hitboxes of the larger characters. While characters like Gibraltar and Pathfinder will be having their hitboxes made smaller, their power level is going to be increased to compensate for being bigger targets. Other character adjustments include buffs to Caustic's Trap ability, a decrease to Bangalore's sprint speed when Double Time is in effect, and more. Click here to read the full update from Respawn.

What do you think of these changes to Apex Legends? Are you still enjoying the game? Choose your weapon in the comments below.

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