American gaming outlet Game Informer has been spending some time with Obsidian Entertainment as part of its latest cover story, and in its latest podcast, the team discusses The Outer Worlds, the sci-fi RPG from the minds behind the original Fallout games. You can hear what they all think of the game in the video above, but it seems to be pretty positive overall.

The biggest takeaways from the chatter mainly concern the ways the game aims to give you a lot of freedom when you play. Right from when you start, it sounds like you'll very much be able to take the reins of how the story plays out and how your character interacts with the world. You'll be able to impose flaws on your character in exchange for additional perks, which is a neat way of fleshing out your hero and making them more unique.

It also sounds like Obsidian pointed out that the game won't be quite on the same scale as something like Fallout: New Vegas. However, because of its shorter story, the developer hopes you'll find the title to be replayable as you experiment with new builds, or make wildly different choices as you play. It's sounding pretty good to us.

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