Looter shooters are all the rage right now with ANTHEM dropping imminently and The Division 2 due out next month, and so 'endgame' is a word that we're hearing more and more often. What's there to do after you've finished the main story? What's going to keep me playing for hundreds of hours? How good is the grind?

Well, The Division 2 seems to have a clear plan of what it wants to offer. As previously reported, once the story is over and done, a new faction called the Black Tusk make their way into Washington DC in the hope of crushing the resistance. They're tougher enemies who then appear throughout the game, and on top of that, you're looking at various endgame activities, like hard mode missions and, eventually, raids.

The endgame is also all about specialisation -- refining your agent so that they're built to handle a specific role extremely well. It's all glossed over in the new gameplay trailer that we've embedded above.

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