A new video interview with Game Informer sees co-director Tim Cain and lead designer Charles Staples talk up the combat of The Outer Worlds, Obsidian's space age RPG. Some new gameplay will look familiar to Fallout fans, but it sounds like you'll be able to take a variety of approaches to combat scenarios,

The pair mainly speak about the role of companions during fights, saying that they needed to be useful in shootouts because you can choose to be a leader, which means your combat skills are lessened but you'll be able to rely on several companion characters. Each will have their own strengths, weaknesses, and skills they'll bring to battles.

Also noted is Tactical Time Dilation, which is essentially a slow-mo mechanic that lets you bring the action down a notch in a pinch. It will run out quicker as you perform stronger actions. The weapons themselves will come from different brands from the game's world, and will each have their own quirks. One example given is Spacer's Choice, a range of guns that will break down quite quickly, but because they're so cheap, they're easy to fix.

It sounds like Obsidian really wants players to have a lot of choice, not just with RPG elements, but with combat too. Do you like the sound of The Outer Worlds' combat? Take cover in the comments below.

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