Ps3 Firmware Update

Has Sony still got the hots for the PS3? Probably not, but the system, now over a decade old, did get a new firmware update on Valentine's Day. Yep, it's still kicking.

Firmware 4.84 offers... You guessed it: improved system performance. Not the best Valentine's Day gift, but at least it hasn't been forgotten. It does lead us to wonder, though: when will Sony actually stop all support for the PS3? It's gotta be soon, right? Surely it won't be getting firmware updates, no matter how minor, once the PS5 launches?

Ah well, we may as well take this opportunity to remember the PS3. Ours is shoved away in a cupboard somewhere, but where's yours? Let us know if you still spend a night or two with the last-gen machine in the comments section below.