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The release of Jump Force is just around the corner, but how's the critical reception? This anime brawler brings together a wide range of manga heroes to do battle in climactic clashes, and the reviews have started coming in. While there are a few positive write-ups, the reception is decidedly luke warm, with plenty of middling to low scores.

We'll be bringing you our own verdict on Jump Force soon, but until then, check out some of the reviews from other publications below:

GameSpot - 7/10

Jump Force provides strategic tag-team arena-based combat that's filled with fun references to Shonen Jump manga, but the game's story leaves much to be desired.

Shack News - 7/10

What this game is really about is fan service and I must admit that it succeeds in offering folks up a hefty chunk in that department. Jump Force knows that it’s really for the Shonen Jump fans and if you are a fan there’s plenty to like here. One would probably be better off focusing on the core fighting game aspects though.

Destructoid - 6/10

Like the Dissidia series, Jump Force is something I'm going to be coming back to for random bits of fun throughout the years. The core is good, it's just let down by some odd design choices and an average campaign. This is an older brawler in an HD skin: if you want something more than that, look elsewhere.

The Sixth Axis - 3/10

Crossover games are nothing new to Bandai Namco or Shonen Jump, so it surprises and disappoints me to see that none of the good aspects or successful mechanics of these previous games made their way into Jump Force at all. Jump Force is a visual mess, It lacks the fun and charm that a wild crossover like this should embrace, and It's just a technical mess from top to bottom. Jump Force is a huge celebration of some of the most iconic manga in history, but it fails to do any of them justice.

What do you think of the scores for Jump Force? Are you looking forward to jumping into the fray? Show your weeb side in the comments below.