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The embargo has just been lifted on Far Cry: New Dawn, the nuclear-flavoured sequel to Far Cry 5. The colourful post-apocalypse arrives with a bang, garnering largely positive reviews from all the usual suspects, with some lower scores in the mix too. By the sound of it, New Dawn is mostly business as usual when it comes to this series, but some new elements save it from being too samey.

We imagine Far Cry fans will be giving this a look either way, but here's what a handful of publications think about the latest game in this long-lasting franchise.

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Destructoid - 8/10

The best narrative beats in New Dawn still fall short of reaching Far Cry 5's highest points, but this standalone sequel is a more well-rounded experience overall. Ubisoft knows when to be serious and when to let its silly flag fly. This time, the top priority was setting the stage for player-driven hijinks, not forcing story moments with a heavy hand. After all the doom and gloom sowed by Joseph Seed and his cohorts, Far Cry New Dawn resonates as a sorely-needed palate cleanser before the next full romp.

GamesRadar+ - 4/5

Overall, if you liked Far Cry 5, youโ€™re sure to find Far Cry New Dawn thoroughly satisfying. Expeditions, re-claimable Outposts, and the upgradable Prosperity hint that the series is growing into something different, something better.

Game Informer - 7/10

While the neon-hued flora and mutated fauna successfully shake up the landscape, the superficial progression changes and formulaic story do little to accentuate this new coat of paint.

GameSpot - 6/10

There's a lot of potential in the ideas seeded in New Dawn, but there isn't enough room for many of them to breathe and feel fully realized. Not the post-apocalyptic theme, not the RPG mechanics, not the weapons, vehicles, plot, or characters. Advancing through the adventure is an enjoyable experience, especially once you get your superhuman powers, but this is largely because Far Cry 5's combat and progression models remain compelling enough to propel you forward. For its part, New Dawn is a palatable but unremarkable spin-off that feels like it could have achieved so much more.

Eurogamer - Recommended

An over-familiar follow-up, perhaps, but New Dawn whittles away the rough edges of Far Cry 5 for something extremely enjoyable.

What do you think of the reviews for Far Cry: New Dawn? Are you excited to play this new entry in the series? Watch out for buzz saw blades in the comments below.