Last month, Rocket League joined Fortnite as one of PlayStation 4's only games to support cross-console compatibility. Psyonix's evergreen arcade game has featured cross-platform play from the beginning between PS4 and PC, but now, players on any system can play together.

With this new game update, it'll also be much easier to do so with your pals. The latest patch to hit the game lands today on PS4, and introduces an in-game system Friends List. In addition to showing your PS4 friends, this new feature will also introduces Rocket ID, a universal method of finding specific players across all platforms. A specific tab in the Friends List will show your cross-platform buddies, and you'll be able to add new players by searching their Rocket ID rather than their platform-specific username. Using this new system, you're able to create parties and clubs with anyone, regardless of the system they're using. It's all explained succinctly in the above video.

The new update also marks the beginning of competitive season 10 and makes a bunch of fixes to the already polished experience. Will you be partying up with Rocket League players on other systems? Accidentally score an own goal in the comments below.

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