PS5 Backwards Compatibility

Sony has filed another patent for a backwards compatibility system, in theory allowing the inevitable PS5 to play games from previous console generations. At the beginning of the month, a patent registered under Mark Cerny's name was discovered, supposedly pointing to a method of backwards compatibility that would, again, in theory, let the PS5 run PSone, PS2, PS3, and PS4 titles.

The patent sparked a lot of speculation, but as we mentioned, patents don't necessarily mean that the proposed technology is going to be used. Sometimes, companies simply patent something so that the idea is safeguarded from the competition.

However, the fact that Sony has filed another patent -- published just yesterday and again, authored by PS4 system architect Mark Cerny -- lends a lot of weight to the aforementioned speculation. Just like the last patent, this one devises a system that essentially "tricks" old games into thinking that they're running on their original platforms. It certainly seems to fall in line with what's already been uncovered.

Sony's latest proposed patent for backwards compatibility

We've said this before, but if Sony can somehow wrangle full backwards compatibility on PS5, it would be one hell of a selling point. While we do think PS4 backwards compatibility is nailed on for the next-gen box, we'll obviously have to wait and see how all of this unfolds. Still, it's somewhat reassuring to know that the Japanese giant is at least considering its options.

What would you like to see from the PS5? Have these patents captured your imagination? Dream of your ideal next-gen system in the comments section below.

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