PS Vita PlayStation Vita 1

Sony already announced last year that it will end production of physical PlayStation Vita cartridges by 31st March, and now it looks like it’s done building the hardware – even in its native Japan, where the device has lived a slightly longer life than the rest of the world. On the official Japanese PlayStation website, it mentions that both the Jet Black and Aqua Blue SKUs of the portable will cease shipping soon, meaning that the platform holder’s finished making them.

It’s not a massive surprise, as production was always scheduled to end at some point this year, and the device has generally been on life support for a long time now. It’s had a pretty decent run, though – particularly in Japan where it’s already into its eighth year. When you consider how poorly it sold compared to its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable, you could argue that the plug should have been pulled sooner. We’re going to miss it all the same – there were some very high points on the system, for sure.

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