Sony Cross Play

Ah, cross-play. Everyone's favourite subject just got unearthed from its still-warm grave earlier this week, when Sony basically came out and said that despite popular belief, developers are free to request cross-play functionality for their games. This was in response to a number of studios supposedly calling Sony out on its cross-play stance, which, they suggest, isn't anywhere near as clear cut as the company makes it out to be.

The gist of the accusations is that Sony is purposefully holding back cross-play, saying that the functionality is still in "beta" testing just so that it can ignore the pleas of developers. It's pretty much common knowledge by this point, but the bottom line is that Sony probably doesn't want cross-play to become a widespread thing because the PS4 is the console market leader by some distance, and the same is true of the PlayStation Network as an online gaming service. As a business it wants people playing on PlayStation and only PlayStation, obviously.

And so we're here to pick your brains on the issue. Is Sony in the right? Is Sony telling the truth about cross-play? Do you even care about cross-play to begin with? Let us know in our polls, and then stick it to the man in the comments section below.

Is Sony in the right when it comes to cross-play? (1,536 votes)

  1. Yes, it's entirely up to Sony whether it allows cross-play25%
  2. Yeah, Sony's in the right, but I don't agree with its stance14%
  3. I honestly don't know6%
  4. Nope, Sony should just back down on cross-play and let it happen26%
  5. No, Sony's totally wrong on this one, it's anti-consumer29%

Is Sony telling the truth about its cross-play functionality being in "beta"? (1,310 votes)

  1. Yes, I think Sony's still working on it and it'll open cross-play to all in time13%
  2. Yeah, I think Sony's mostly telling the truth15%
  3. Hmmm, I'm not sure16%
  4. Nah, Sony's just using it as an easy excuse31%
  5. No, I think Sony's outright lying, and it'll keep doing anything it can to avoid cross-play25%

How much do you care about cross-play? (1,356 votes)

  1. A huge amount, I think it should be mandatory28%
  2. I'd like cross-play on more PS4 games if possible23%
  3. I personally don't care, but I think cross-play is a good thing21%
  4. I don't care, but I want full cross-play functionality on PS4 just so everyone can shut up about it7%
  5. I don't care about cross-play at all21%