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In the good old days, the console war was fought with games: Uncharted vs. Gears of War! Halo vs. God of War! And so on… But if you’ve been on a forum in the past six months or so, you’ll note that the trench lines are now drawn using studio acquisitions. Microsoft’s spending spree has got some fans squabbling over sheer numbers rather than actual software, and the good news for PlayStation diehards is that Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden has hinted that the organisation is looking for good “cultural fits”.

“Let's see now what we might add to our arsenal,” he told CNET. “I've looked at some opportunities in the past, it's an opportunity to look for the ones that are the best cultural fit. We're always exploring opportunities. If we found a partner or a team or a game that we felt was particularly meaningful and interesting in a service area, we will look to bring that in. We're always open to that kind of experience.”

It’s a bit of a non-answer really, as it goes without saying that a company like Sony is always looking for new opportunities to expand its business. Layden also appears to be lingering on the topic of Fortnite, which is mentioned earlier in the interview – hence his suggestion that the platform holder’s open to the idea of service-style games.

To be honest, we’re a bit bored of all this chatter about acquisitions – it reminds us of when football fans focus on transfers rather than what’s actually happening on the field. Sony’s lineup of exclusives has been strong for years now, so clearly its teams are in a good place, and it has a network of partners that it trusts, such as Insomniac Games. We’re yet to be convinced it needs to whip out its cheque book just yet.

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