Hmmmm, what do we think of this, then? One Piece: World Seeker has looked reasonably promising in its last few trailers, but the anime-based title's looking a bit rough in this pre-release gameplay footage. Posted online by YouTube user Cerealkillerz this is 26 minutes of uncut open world action.

Parts of it look decent enough, like aspects of the combat, the environments, and the visuals in general, but it's all a bit... Janky. We can't help but feel that the camera is way too close to Luffy, and most of the dialogue scenes are barely voiced. Perhaps more worrying is how lifeless the open world itself appears to be. There's a potion of the video where Luffy is running through a built up area, but there are almost no NPCs. There's no music, either, making the whole thing seem awkwardly eerie.

Following on from the lacking release of Jump Force, we feel like this is a game that Bandai Namco has to get right, and honestly, it's not looking especially great right now. We're hoping that this footage isn't fully indicative of the finished product -- which is due out on the 15th March -- but we're more concerned for its quality having watched this.

How do you think it looks? Please don't try to copy Luffy's moves in the comments section below.