Over the weekend, rumours started swirling out of control regarding a free-to-play, battle royale offshoot of Titanfall named Apex Legends. In fact, word spread so far and so quickly that Respawn Entertainment's CEO, Vince Zampella, held his hands up in defeat, pointing people in the direction of today's full reveal, which is due to kick off very shortly.

While the live stream starts at 8am PST/4pm GMT, Zampella has clarified that the main unveiling actually takes place at 12pm PST/8pm GMT, with four hours of teasers and goodness knows what else beforehand. It may still be worth tuning in earlier on, but it sounds like the reveal itself will be later on.

Will you be checking out the reveal live stream for Apex Legends? What do you think of a battle royale spin on Titanfall? Grab some popcorn in the comments below.